Monday, July 26, 2010

July 19th Miracle

On July 19th, I experienced a little miracle. 

As you know, I'm now part of the Universal Living Rosary Association.  Each day, I pray my one assigned decade of the Rosary.  My meditation is that of the Cornotation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In the days previous, my friend Mary had told me that there was a certain prayer that I ought to pray before I begin praying my decade.  I was thankful that she told me, for I did not realize this, but I did not know where exactly I would find the prayer -- since I had received so much paperwork when they mailed me my prayer packet.

But when I walked into my bedroom on the afternoon of July 19th, suddenly I saw that the little envelope which sits on my breakfast tray--which had been formerly flipped over and closed--had suddenly opened itself...and Our Lady and her Immaculate Heart were peeking out!

SHOCKED, I reached down to touch the prayer card.  Sure enough, on the back, was the prayer I needed.  Incredible!  What a special signal gift.  I don't know how that envelope could have flipped over and opened.  True, I live with a dog who has a wagging tail, but I can't believe that anything less than a miracle caused Our Lady to present me with the prayer I needed!  Thank you, Jesus, for that signal grace!