Monday, July 26, 2010

For the Cause of Mary Lehmier

A very pious and holy woman named Mary Lehmier passed away recently.  She was a member of my church.

My friend Mary (another Mary!) is convinced that this woman is a saint, and so together we created a reliquary that holds one of the woman's hairs...and we put it in my locket.

How my friend Mary came to obtain the strand of hair of the other Mary's is pretty miraculous, too.  A hair clip was given from Mr. Lehmier to my friend Mary's daughter, and stuck to the hair clip was one of Mrs. Lehmier's hairs!

So, my friend Mary and I assembled this reliquary in a locket I had in my jewelry box.  The locket then went with Mary's friend to a hospital in Baltimore where a very sick man is dying from cancer.  Pray with us that Mary Lehmier might interceed!  Here's a little prayer you can say for Mary's intercession!!