Saturday, July 31, 2010

What is that weird star in the night sky tonight, right next to our moon?

Tonight, when I took Macy out for her 2:30 AM walk (which is something we do when the master is a night owl), I spotted the most peculiar thing in the sky.

Something glowed very brightly and very close to our moon.

This photograph, which I snapped with my phone, doesn't do it justice.

But, the fact that you can still clearly see the bright star-type thing just below and to the right of the moon is a sure testament to how BRIGHT it is!

This unique celestial body glows just as bright as the moon, although it is smaller.  Never before in my life have I ever seen a star or planet shine so brightly or shine so closely to the moon.

Could it be the space station?  A comet that's headed straight for us?  Time to Google...