Friday, July 16, 2010

Who I Am

I just wrote a real song -- all by myself!  And I wrote it on the white guitar that you see pictured here!  Honest!  I did!  It's called "Who I Am," and I can sing it and play it on the guitar at the same time!  It's 3.5 minutes in length and way better than my first song, which I wrote on my green piano. 

Band practice was awesome tonight, and I can't wait to bring this to our practice on Sunday.

Here are the lyrics!  :)

Why do I sin?
It’s there that I’ve been
Why do I hurt You?
Where has my will gone?

Help me to know
Who I am
Help me to know
Who You are

Then I can say
Your will be done
There I can tread
Reign in my heart and head

Oh, I know now Who You are!
You’re God above
I love You as You are

Not my will but Yours
That’s who I am.