Saturday, August 28, 2010

My Key to the Chapel

I'm so excited!  I have my own key to a little adoration chapel!

The Blessed Sacrament is perpetually exposed there in the basement chapel of this big, old church -- every day, all day and all night long.

And I also have my own assigned adoration hour, where I will spend quite time with Jesus once a week.  I feel so privileged!  And I feel so trusted!

Yesterday was my first-ever time in adoration alone with Jesus.  What a special grace!  I was a substitute for someone who couldn't keep their hour.

As only God could design things, I walked into the chapel and was greeted not only by Jesus but also by my friend Shawn.  What a surprise!

This was my second time ever to the chapel; and, the time before that, I had been surprised with the presence of my friend Karen.  How nice to be welcomed into adoration by a familiar face!

If I'm perfectly honest, I'm also rather intimidated and scared by this new journey of faith on which I am embarking.  While I look forward to more time spent with Him, what kinds of things will He tell me?  What will He ask of me?  How will He direct me?

Only One knows.  And that One is God.

God, please sharpen my ears to hear your voice distinctively from my own interior voice.  And give me the strength to respond to You in however you call me.