Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peepers Prys into the Conversation

This is Shawn.  I'm sure you recognize him.  He's one of my favorite friends. 

I feel like I haven't seen him all this Summer, so when he called me up spontaneously at 10 PM the other night and asked me to come over, I did. 

I was driving home from my grandmother's house with Macy in my backseat at the time, but I simply pulled the car over and changed direction.

We had a lot of catching up to do, so we got right into it.   We had lots of joys and our share of sorrows to discuss, as we always seem to.

But it was very hard to take him seriously.  Try as I might, how on earth could I keep a straight face while he talked about life?

The reason is because, for the majority of the conversation, a white dove (the son of my doves, Pure & Innocent) sat upon his noggin, preening his feathers, cooing loudly, and pooping with free will.

Peepers, as the dove is called, even flew to sit upon Macy's noggin, and this distracted me from the conversation even further, given that I felt the need to stick close by, lest my usually mild dog have a brain fart or something and suddenly become a wild beast.

Finally, Shawn took to cupping the dove in his hands, but not without a strange duck-shaped basket, a random visual which distracted me yet further from the conversation!

Shawn, thank you for a great night.  I can't remember a thing you said, but it sure was entertaining!

Footnote:  Just kidding, Shawn.  I actually totally remember everything you said.  The distractions were just wildly entertaining!