Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The 1st Annual Farmer Family Reunion

This month we had the 1st Annual Farmer Family Reunion!  Nearly 100 people (that I'm apparently related to!) attended.  What a turnout! 

Can you believe that all these people descended from just one married couple?  How fruitful!  How abundant God is in the way He blesses marriages!  And yet, this is not even all of us.  This is only one-third of the decedents from that original marriage.  The couple had 9 children, and these are the descendants of only 3 of those children.

To squeeze us all into one photograph was impossible, so the above picture is the merging of four photographs joined together.  Unfortunately, I cut out a few people when I did this.  But at least you get the general sense of us!

All these lovely people are on my maternal grandmother's side of the family.  This unprecedented reunion was planned by a committee of my mother, aunt, and their cousins, but the idea was spearheaded by my mother's cousin Danny.  Danny is somewhat of a historian, for I think he even traveled to England and Ireland a few years ago to trace our family roots, visit our ancestors' graves, drive past their old dwelling places, and record every detail into a book, of which we added to that day and which my mother dubbed the Farmer's Almanac.

Each person in attendance had to fill out a packet of information to confirm our family's lineage records.  And a giant family tree, outlining everyone's names and relationships to each other, greeted us by the sign-in table were you were instructed to pick up a name tag and sign a commemorative tablecloth.

The event was extremely well organized, full of planned games and activities, bountiful with its food, and totally worthy of a repeat! 

My little 93-year-old grandmother was our official security for the event.  She had said ahead of time that she would make sure that no strangers crashed our party -- which I think was a difficult task since there were so many faces to know!  But she did a great job!

The picnic tables you see in the last photograph were COMPLETELY FILLED when we were eating dinner.  Hahaha.

Here are pictures from the day!