Saturday, September 04, 2010

Barnstormers Game!!

Last night Michael and I went to a Barnstormers Game! 

My whole life I have wanted one of those cheesy foam fingers to brandish around during a baseball game.

And so he got me one!

I must be a very simple girl because having the foam finger really did make my night!  I had so much fun with it!!

We had great seats, sitting in the second row, very close to home plate.

There were many times where we came somewhat close to catching the ball!  My head usually attracts flying spherical objects (or at least it did back in high school gym class), so Michael promised ahead of time that he would try to catch anything that was heading straight for my noggin.

I almost caught a flying t-shirt (which they catapulted into the crowd using a sling shot), but I decided to let the people around me clamor for it instead.  After all, the foam finger was entertaining enough for me!

The game went overtime into the 11th inning.  (Did I say that expression correctly?)  I wondered if the players got paid time-and-a-half for working overtime for us.

Unfortunately, the Barnstormers lost the game by one point.  (Is it appropriate to call them points?)

After the game, they launched fireworks.  What a great way to conclude the Summer!