Friday, September 03, 2010

My First Boston Red Sox Game!!

Last night Michael took me to my first-ever Red Sox game!

This was the first time that a man has ever taken me to a baseball game as part of a date. 

What a classic American past time this is, and yet I have never been asked to go to a baseball game before!  Haha.

The game was held in Baltimore at Camden Yards.  Amid all the orange t-shirts and Oriole's hooplah, there we were...wearing our red.  :)

Since Michael is a Boston Red Sox fan, I instantly became one by default.  This happens, you see, due to the clauses contained therein of the fine print of the Girlfriend Agreement which I signed back in July. 

But, lest you think I have no credibility at all, remember, dear Reader, that your little Lisa does in fact hail from Boston, given that I made my debut into this world in the 02132 area code way back in 1979. 

Once a Bostonian, always a Bostonian!  :)

My beginner's luck (plus all the screams of encouragement that I yelled down to the players) caused our team to win!!  

I have a feeling that Michael might ask me to accompany him to a game again sometime soon...  :)