Monday, September 06, 2010

Revelation Generation 2010

Almost every Labor Day Weekend, I attend Revelation Generation, which I believe is the largest Christian festival ever.

It spans two days, attracts 30,000 people, and showcases over 60 bands.  Five different outdoor stages are running almost non-stop -- with only 8-minute intervals between bands.  It's incredible. 

Plus, it's easy to score free back-stage passes to get an up-close interview with your favorite musicians. 

The merchanise tent is massive, and--even though we're out in a giant field in the middle of nowhere in Frenchtown, New Jersey--somehow they've got everything hooked up so that you can buy with your credit card wirelessly.

This year I went with Michael and my bandmate Scott, our drummer.  For Scott and I, we were on an educational field trip.  For Michael and I, we were out to just have fun!

Scott and I analyzed, discussed, and took mental notes on what the bands did to activate their audience. 

The whole experience made me hungry for band practice. 

Had my garage been closer, I would have insisted that we jam for a little bit before calling it a night.  :)

I was delighted to see how Skillet rose from a band who used to barely move on stage to a headlining group that now uses pyrotechnics in their set!

Since the decibels were loud, I gave the guys pink ear plugs to wear.  They were reluctant at first, given the color, but they soon manned up.  :)

When Skillet's set ended around 11 PM or so, the parking lot was so jammed with cars that we figured we wouldn't be going anywhere for at least another 45 minutes.  So we decided to pray the Rosary and say the Liturgy of the Hours Night Prayer. 

When we were finished, we were nearly the last people there, except for a roudy group of twentysomethings who were blaring good music and dancing around their cars.

And so the Summer of 2010 ended with a BANG!  And now I shall say it:  THIS summer was the BEST summer of my LIFE.  :)

Who knew that at age 31 the best summer was yet to be experienced?  God, you surprise and amaze me.