Friday, October 01, 2010

Happy Feast Day to my Beloved St. Therese!!

Today is a very special day.  I woke up with an amazing feeling, knowing it would be good.  My body felt well rested and exceedingly peaceful as I slid out of bed.

So what is so special about October 1st?

It is the feast day of one of the most tender hearts that Jesus has ever made, and he named her St. Therese of Lisieux!

It is also the wedding day of two of her most devout followers, my friends Sean and Karli, whose nuptial Mass is this afternoon.

They love little Therese so much that they decided to marry on her feast day and honor her in a special way during the Mass. 

Today I have the very unique honor of giving them my large statue of St. Therese for use in their wedding ceremony.  My whole life, I have searched for a large statue of this saint, but I could never find one with an adequate amount of beauty and warmth on her face, which could only be (I realize) a fraction of what the saint actually possessed in life.

But, about 2 years ago, I encountered this beautiful statue of her, and I couldn't resist her.  I immediately had her boxed up and brought home, and she has stayed near me ever since.

This afternoon, I will be leaving school early to gently carry St. Therese from her place in my Prayer Room to the little Catholic church across the street from my house.  My friend Molly and I will set up a beautiful altar for her, placing fresh roses at her feet and making sure that the second class relic of her shines in its beautiful gold reliquary.

Happy feast day, St. Therese.  And happy wedding day, Sean and Karli.  The sun is breaking through the clouds, and God's love reigns!