Thursday, June 02, 2011

Opening My Own Little Clothing Boutique!

A few of you might know that my basement is a veritable clothing store. 

I have hundreds and hundreds of hangers, plus dozens of clothing racks and about 15 different hampers.

I am a girl who has, entirely, accumulated too much.

In fact, I had so many clothes that I used to do laundry only once every three or four months.  I would sort and wash my clothing by hue instead of just by color.  Indeed, there would be a wash load of "light peach" that would certainly be separate from "light pink."  And I had plenty of each color to fill the washer to the brim.

I dress rather boringly now, and I'm OK with that. 

Still, I've been holding on to threads from my high school years and my 20s that I just couldn't part with.  Each piece had a event I wore it to...or a person who I wore it for.

But the season of my life is changing, and I haven't worn some of these clothes in years.  It was time to let go of some stuff, and I realized this long ago, but who has the time for organizing and resorting?  It was just easier to keep storing the stuff.

But now that has changed!

This past weekend, Michael helped me sort through my things and get rid of the stuff that I don't need!  We're doing this to make the living space in our home e x p a n d -- in preparation for our upcoming marriage and his big move-in!  :)  What a joyful reason to do some Spring cleaning!

It feels good to shed the materials I don't use or need.  While saying good-bye to some things was bittersweet since I'm such a sentimental girl, it was also very freeing, refreshing, and...beautiful.

So, I'm parting ways with 150+ pieces of clothing, plus 15 big boxes of cool, funky decorations.  (This follows the purging I did a few months ago, where I said good-bye to over 20 boxes of stuff, sending most of it to Goodwill.)

I thought about having a yard sale, but who wants to sit in the sun all day and make change?  Instead, in the coming days, I'll be donating everything to my church across the street, where the monies collected from the sale of these things will all go to benefit the church.  They're having a big yard sale coming up on June 10th and 11th!

Between then and now, my lovely lady friends are cordially invited to browse Lisa's Little Boutique and take with you whatever you want (for yourself or your home) for totally free! 

Showings are by appointment only.  Text, call, email, or leave a comment for me!  Meanwhile, I'll be getting the shop ready for you!