Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Family Plan: One Step Closer to Being a Family!

Michael's been wanting us to get iPhones on a family plan for months.

When we weren't engaged, I thought we should wait till we were.

When we got engaged, I thought we should wait a wee bit longer.  (After the wedding, things would be less hectic, right?)

But now, with the promotions and military discount that AT&T's got going on, Michael just couldn't resist.  He downright begged me!

So, this weekend, I said yes.  :)

And he jumped at least a mile up.

He chose the black iPhone 4 for himself and gave me a beautiful white one!!  What a birthday gift!

Thankfully, I got to keep my same cell phone number, which my parents gave to me back in 1997 with the Ericsson phone pictured below.

What a difference in technology!

If you have a moment, please leave me a comment, recommending which apps I should download!