Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our 25th Wedding Anniversary Time Capsule

The day before the wedding, I got a crazy idea!

I had been rummaging around in the attic, and--while there--I randomly encountered a time capsule that I had purchased years ago but never used. 

It was silver, and--with weddings on my mind lately--this made me think of a 25th wedding anniversary.

And so I got an idea! 

Perhaps we could ask our wedding guests to write notes for us to read on our 25th wedding anniversary!

So I ran to Staples and purchased pretty but plain cards and envelopes, as well as a pack of pens.  Then I presented my idea to Michael, my parents, and his parents.  Everyone gave me the thumbs-up!  Our DJ agreed to make several announcements during the reception to remind guests to fill out a card. 

Thankfully, many people did because our time capsule is now overflowing with fun notes for us to read in the year 2036!  Inside the time capsule I will also stash a copy of our invitation, a print-out of our wedding day time line, one of our monogrammed napkins, and other such fun things that might be neat to look back on.  Wish us luck!