Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Rehearsal

The night before the wedding, we had our rehearsal at the church, followed by a lovely dinner at the award-winning Log Cabin, thanks to Michael's parents.

Everyone was so joyful and excited that night, and it felt amazing to be surrounded by so many of our loved ones.

Indeed, our wedding weekend was becoming a reality!  Eeek!!  :)

Michael and I were really beaming.  Can you tell by this picture that we were so excited and happy?

This is the dress I'll be wearing to the Vatican when we go there to hopefully have our marriage blessed by the Holy Father.

I found the dress on sale for just $19 in the juniors department at Boscov's! But don't worry; I'll be sure to cover my shoulders with a shawl.  The rules in Vatican City are very strict about modesty.

At the church rehearsal, my mother surprised me with a bouquet of fresh flowers, picked straight from her garden.  She is so thoughtful!

Speaking of my mother, Michael and I are so blessed to have such awesome mothers.  They are so much alike, in so many ways!  And would you believe that they both share the same favorite mixed drink?  Here they are, posing with their signature drink, the Kahlua & Cream!

Our fathers are fantastic men, too!!  :)

Here's a picture of us with Michael's wonderful parents!

And here we are with my parents, aunt, uncle, and my matron of honor!

Each guest from out of town received a welcome box at the rehearsal dinner, filled with snacks, drinks, maps of Lancaster County, and brochures with attractions.  Michael's mom thinks of EVERY detail, doesn't she?!

Here's a table of Michael's friends.  Many of them came from Boston! 

Here's Michael with his sister Jenny, his Godsisters, and their husbands...

Michael's brother Terry was his best man.  His wife Cindy was also one of my bridesmaids! Michael was soooo touched that his grandmother made the long journey from Chicago to be with us.

And here are bridesmaids Lija and Jessica -- with their wonderful husbands!

After dinner, Michael and I gave out a lot of gifts.  What he didn't warn me about was the fact that he was also going to give a thoughtful speech about each person before giving each gift!  Haha.  Actually, he told me later that he decided this quite spontaneously.  Either way, I had zero time to prepare my speeches but tried my best!  And yes, the tears flowed...from both of us that night!

 Then we all had dessert, but only the groom received a special strawberry treat that wasn't on the menu for the rest of us.  It was a little surprise from his parents.  :)

 That night, I would go home and not be able to sleep a wink!  I was so excited that I just laid there all night, wide awake but with my eyes peacefully closed and a huge smile on my face, eagerly awaiting the next day!  :)