Friday, July 29, 2011

Our Lady, Lend Me Your Beauty

The night before my wedding day, I asked Our Lady to lend me some of her beauty, that I might be a more radiant bride for my husband.

It is not the superficial, physical beauty that she lends, for that beauty is fading and does not last.

I asked her to please adorn me with some of her virtues and allow me to wear some of her grace.

I have always believed that Our Lady lends some of her beauty to a bride on her wedding day.  Whether a bride thinks to ask for it or not, I believe Our Mother gives this gift to all girls who are getting married.  It's just what she loves to do.  :)

A bride is God's greatest gift to the bridegroom.  She was made for him and him for her, so her arrival at the altar should reflect nothing less than God's love.  That is a tall order for a girl to have!

And yet, Mary did this so effortlessly.  God's love shined from her at every moment of her life and was made visible by her virtues.

So, if you think I looked ordinary on my wedding day (for I really was just a simple girl in a wedding dress), then Mary has succeeded in dressing me with her humility.   

Humility is the foundation of all other virtues, and is--perhaps--the greatest one she could loan me.

Or, if you thought me to be less ordinary than usual, then your eyes must have perceived HER beauties of benevolence, chastity, devotion, faith, hope, love, joy, sincerity, thankfulness, wonder, and zeal -- all priceless gems that she allowed me to borrow for the day.

Amazingly, I received compliments on the wedding day that I knew were not for me but were instead for her.  Traits that people described to me that day truly did not fit me or my experiences with them, and this allowed me to realize that indeed she loaned me her grace. 

The experience makes me want to be more like her.  Pray for me, that I may one day fully embody those beauties myself...every day.