Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Few Recent Recipes :)

Cheeseburger Pie!  It's something Michael loved from his childhood, so I got the recipe from him (via his mom) and tried to re-create it!  What are the weird white globs, you ask?  I think they're eggs I didn't mix well enough.  Or, if not that, perhaps cheese.  They just kind of randomly showed up at the end, and I didn't expect it!

This creation is chicken in lime butter sauce with chives!

Last night I attempted to make my mother's wonderful chicken pot pie!  And, praise God, it turned out perfectly!

One interesting thing I discovered about myself is that, when I am preparing a meal, I am constantly thinking about two people.  I think of the person who gave me the recipe and the person who will be eating it (Michael).

So where do you find the coolest recipes?