Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

I'm happy to report that this year I've resumed my tradition of dressing up for Halloween.  :)

Up until last year, I had an uninterrupted, 30-year streak of always dressing up and attending a Halloween party. 

The fun was instilled in me back at my infancy; my mother was dressing me up and entering me in contests before I could even walk!

But last October, I had so many weddings, showers, and baptisms to attend that there just wasn't enough weekends left in the month to squeeze in a costume party.  Huge bummer.

This year, though, I'm back at it.  :)

Michael and I went as a German couple to our friends' Halloween party this year.  The hosts, a joyful married couple named Karen and Chud, thought of every party detail, including bowls full of plastic spider rings and bracelets, free for the taking.

Michael wore his leather Lederhosen which he got in Austria back when he lived in Europe (Germany, Holland, Luxembourg) for several years.  I got mine from Party City and added my pink ballerina tutu underneath for a little extra puff.

Here's a few pictures we snapped at the party! 

Here's Michael, eating an infamous earthworm cupcake!

Abby-baby dressed up as Dorothy!

Her husband Matt was the dude from the Big Labowski movie.

JK was a man encumbered with a giant hairy spider.  Karen dressed up as Mother Earth.  Abby's long locks are totally real.

Nope, that isn't a mask.  It's all paint!  Can you believe it?!
Happy Halloween, everyone!  Remember the Christian meaning behind the season!