Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To the Philadelphia Zoo We Went!

This past Saturday, Michael and I went to the Philadelphia Zoo to meet up with his sister Jennifer, her husband Andrew, their little girl Addison, Michael's parents, and a few additional friends of the family!

We went for Boo at the Zoo, a special Halloween-themed experience.  And what fun we had!

Addison looked absolutely adorable dressed up as a little light brown and pink owl. 

She's walking now, and so off she set (holding Dad's hand) to fill her little cloth owl purse with candy.  (Thanks, Addison, for sharing some of that candy with us!)

Perhaps because we were so starving hungry, the food we ate for lunch was absolutely delicious!  I had one of the best cheeseburgers of my life!

I absolutely FELL IN LOVE with the giraffes.  Their long necks, huge knee caps, and unique gait just endeared them to me instantly.  I had never noticed before that, when they stroll, they kick their legs forward a bit.  They're so carefree!

Yes, I've seen giraffes in person in giraffe before, and every time I see them, I'm mesmerized.  A close second for me was the camels.  Our God is soooo creative, isn't He?