Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Visions that I Have

My dear reader, I have visions.

They happen just before sleep or just before waking.

They are vivid and beautiful.  When I experience a vision, I see things that I have never seen before in my life.

Since the visions happen unexpectedly, I race for a pen and paper whenever they finish in the hopes of being able to sketch what I just saw.  But soon I find my hand to be horribly inadequate.  And soon thereafter, the image becomes fuzzy in my mind.  I can remember characteristics but not exact features.  The silhouette becomes blurred.

This leaves me sad and causes me to question--at least for a little bit--my career choice.


Because my visions are of handbags.  Yes, handbags!  Beautiful handbags of all different sizes, colors, styles, and textures are calling out to me, begging for creation.

Sometimes, when shopping, I will see handbags that will remind me of a handbag I saw in my mind's eye, but indeed, they are not the same.  I might think that the base should be wider for better sitting, and perhaps that the contour of the leather handle should be at a 45-degree angle instead instead of the 20-degree that it's on.  Had they attached the straps where I envisioned them to be, the bag would hang so much differently on the shoulder, and its unique features would be so much better shown.

Even high caliber, brand-name handbags sometimes have poor features.  I have a beloved navy leather satchel of a particularly sought-after brand name (which I bought used, for cheaper), but she has trouble every time I try to zip her open while only one of her handles is hanging on my shoulder.  She collapses with the fear of falling and all her contents spill out.  It's ridiculous.  Had the makers attached her straps two inches higher, she'd develop so much more confidence and side-strength.  She should learn a thing or two from the light tan satchel I picked up at JCPenney, which has been holding the #1 position in my house for the last 4 years -- and with good reason!

So...did I miss my calling to be a handbag designer?  Maybe so!