Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Last Night's Adoration

Last night, Michael and I enjoyed some precious alone time with Jesus.  Well, we weren't alone, exactly; there were other members of church family there with us.  But all was silent and all was peaceful...and the 30-minute time slot was technically ours, since we had signed up for it.

Kneeling there and looking at Jesus, I couldn't help but wonder why I don't adore Him more often.  There is such clarity one experiences when one looks directly at God.  It is an immense gift.

Last night, I felt God tell me that all people always experiencing healing.  He explained this to me by using an example.  Our news media reports that there are scads and scads of people being diagnosed with cancer every year.  But what the news media fails to report (simply because it cannot be privy to such a thing) is that all of them are eventually healed by God.  The point of suffering is to bring us closer to God, and thus there is no suffering without a point.

A healing (whether physical, mental, or emotional) is really a gift shared between the person and God.  In joy, a person may share their healing experience with loved ones, but that is usually as far as it goes.  The media, with its secular bias, rarely reports on such healings, especially those which cannot be seen.  If they do report such a thing, it is rare and mostly for the purposes of curiosity.

God also shared with me that I must never worry about the future.  So many of my worries have been formed by my over-active imagination.  Instead, I must strive to always live in the present.  The future will come eventually, He explained, but the future will arrive in little increments of the present.  If I live in the present, I welcome the future without fear.  What a beautiful, simple revelation. 

Perhaps you, dear reader, knew these things already, but my Jesus knew I needed to hear it straight from Him last night to truly learn it.