Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Michael's 31st Birthday Celebration

Last night we celebrated Michael's 31st birthday!  And to make the night special, I had a few surprises up my sleeve for him.  :)

The evening began with a pop quiz.  Here's everyone working hard on it.  Michael was assigned with the task of making the answer key!

The quiz was double-sided and was entitled "How Well Do You Know Michael?"  Here's my favorite question from the quiz:

While living in Europe, Michael was a body guard for:
A.     a Turkish aristocrat
B.     a French artist
C.     a Catholic bishop
D.     a Hungarian rock star

Wanna guess the answer?  Just leave it in the "Comments" section of this blog.  :)

Michael's parents ended up having the two highest scores, but they had the advantage over us, since they had 30 years to study!  His father had the very best score, and so he received the prize:  a box of chocolate-covered pretzels!  Yum!

The cake I ordered was made with Notre Dame football colors!

May birthday blessings reign upon you, Michael, and may you have many, many more happy birthdays!!