Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Lady Comes to Our Aide

Our Blessed Mother truly comes to our aide when we call upon her. Even the tiniest call for help, she hears. But we must call out to her with complete confidence. On Friday night, we did just that -- and she saved my grandmother's life. Oh how swiftly she brings her children's needs to her Son's throne!! God, your generosity is overflowing!
My grandmother had fainted suddenly while out to eat with us and was unresponsive. I just prayed the Hail Mary in her ear and didn't stop. Soon a miracle happened and she was back with us and totally normal. An ambulance took her to the Emergency Room of the hospital, but--even after conducting tons of tests--the doctors could find nothing wrong with her.  Indeed, she had experienced nothing less than a full healing.  She left from the hospital on Saturday, and all of us couldn't be more filled with joy!
Thank you, Heavenly Mother, for your intercession!  And thank you, God, for granting us this miracle!