Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Our Attempts at a Christmas Card Photo

After walking back from mass on Sunday morning, I noticed how amazingly lovely the weather was!  It was warm like Spring, yet there was a crispness to the air that was decidedly Fall.

With the tree leaves all orange and vibrant, I suggested to Michael that we take the opportunity as a chance to get some "family photos" of the two of us with Macy.  Perhaps we could use one in our Christmas card this year, a first for our family!

Unfortunately, it was a bit too bright and sunny.  Here's our first attempt:

So then we went to a place that was shadier, standing beneath an old oak tree.  I forgot that this particular tree has a face.  Oops.  Should we crop him out or keep him?

Then we remembered our beloved Macy!  But, even then, the sunshine was SO BRIGHT that all 3 of us had trouble keeping our eyes open.  Look at how much I'm squinting!

Then Michael started taking pictures of just me with Macy...

And then I grabbed the camera and started taking pictures of him with Macy!

When we finally came inside, Michael told me that our little photo experience in the yard was a lot of fun.  Who would have thunk it!  :)

So will we use any of these photos for our Christmas card this year?  Not sure.  Maybe!  Or maybe not, if we can get better photos taken!  But it sure was fun trying!  :)