Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Way: An Amazing Catholic Movie in Theaters Now

This past weekend, a bunch of us went to see The Way together.  It was wonderful!  It was especially meaningful to Michael and me, since Michael completed this long, walking pilgrimage in Spain in October of last year with is friend Ray.  The year 2010 was declared as one where any pilgrim who walked El Camino (and then went to confession, attended mass, and received communion), would receive a plenary indulgence.  How beautiful!  Our Church gives us so many graces!

So on Sunday, Michael and I went to the movies with our friends Maria, Angela, Andrea, Bridgett, Shaun, and Allen.  What a blessing it was to see each one of them!

When we got home, Michael and I sat down at his computer and looked through all of his pictures from his pilgrimage.  He reminded me that being on this particular pilgrimage helped him discern his call to be my spouse.  Praise God!

If you'd like to get tickets and see the movie at a theater close to you, visit