Monday, December 05, 2011

Celebrating Grandmom's 95th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated my Grandmother's 95th birthday!!  It was such a great opportunity to be together with the extended family that I love. 

Mom did a fabulous job planning the event.  She thought of every detail!  Look at how she decorated the table!  She wanted to use festive Christmas colors but also wanted to make it a birthday party.  So she mixed pink and light green with the traditional red and green colors.  She had a special cake made for Grandmom that incorporated these four colors  And she found the perfect cups to use as party favors!  And she filled them with chocolates, candies, and gum.

We gathered at a nearby resort that is known for it's special "Sunday Champagne Brunch."  And, my goodness, was the food delicious!

Mom hired a quartet to meet us at the restaurant, and they came in singing "Happy Birthday" to Grandmom.  She was so surprised!  Then they continued by singing Christmas carols to us!  Grandmom was so touched that she gently cried tears of joy.

Then Santa came by to visit us!

We couldn't resist having our picture taken with him!

Here's a picture of my Aunt Tess and Uncle Fred!

And here's a picture of my wonderful parents!

And here is a touching photo of my second cousin Charlie, hugging his beloved great-grandmother.  He just LOVES her, and he spent so much time wanting to take care of her.  He held her hand and helped her to her seat.  He hugged her while she sat in her chair.  He just hung around her, and it was so touching to see how attentive he was to her every need.

How blessed we are to have a wonderful little grandmother as the matriarch of our family!  God bless you, Grandmom!  Thank you, Jesus, for these 95 years of her life.  May she be blessed with many more!  For every year that she is with us, we are forever grateful!