Monday, December 05, 2011

Ornaments on Our Christmas Tree

Today I think I shall share with you, dear reader, two ornaments that hang on our Christmas tree. 

Our tree is rather sparsely decorated this year, since it's our first and since we don't have a lot of ornaments yet.  We're actually quite fine with that, though.  In fact, we agreed to not buy any ornaments but rather just wait and see what we accumulate over the years, as we surely will as gifts from others. 

This is a silver locket ornament that Mom gave us last year, in the hopes that we'd be married and able to use it on our first Christmas tree this year.  And she was right!

And this is a personalized ornament that my Aunt Maryann gave us this past weekend.  Isn't it beautiful?  It's Lenox and has our names and wedding date on it!

Do you think the branches of our fake tree look convincingly real?  I hope you'll think so!  :)