Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Morning 2011

You know it's Christmas morning when you see this!!

It was hard to get a picture of our three excited nieces holding still near the Christmas tree, as you might imagine!  This is the best one I got! 

Our eldest niece, Maeve, woke us up at 6:30 AM!  But, she was exceedingly patient as she waited for her cousin Addie to arrive and for the rest of the family to gain consciousness!

The gifts were abundant!!  But their quantity and size were a bit overwhelming for the smaller people of our family.  Little Natalie must have especially felt encumbered!

I can't believe I didn't snap any other pictures from our days together in New Jersey!  But I was grateful for capturing this moment, when Michael opened up his first "husband" Christmas card!

I do hope that all of you enjoyed a blessed Christmas!  Happy birthday, Jesus!  What a fantastic reason to CELEBRATE!