Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas Eve Mass

After the Christmas Eve party at my cousin's house, Michael, our golden retriever, and I traveled to New Jersey to sleep at his parents' house. 

But before that, he and I would go to Midnight Mass at his tiny home parish of St. Joseph's.  It's this adorable little white chapel that looks awfully much like the little figurine at left.  :)

The little church was well attended but not uncomfortably crowded.  A choir sang beautiful hymns in the loft.  All the candles were lit, poinsettias were in place, and Christmas trees adorned the altar.  We were sleepy, but we were so glad to be there.  It was Jesus' birthday, after all! 

And even though it's our Savior's birthday, He sure seems to be the One always giving US gifts!

Happy birthday, Jesus!  And thank You for Your Love!