Wednesday, February 08, 2012

The Ever-Awesome St. Joseph

In case I forgot to tell you, dear reader, St. Joseph is an amazing patron.  Befriend him!

In the Summer of 2009, my friends Shawn, Andy, and I decided to pray a 9-day novena to St. Joseph, asking for his intercession before the Throne of God.

Each one of us had one intention, and all three of us promised to pray for it.  Shawn hoped to become a substitute teacher for the 2009-2010 school year.  Andy hoped to find his future wife.  And I hoped that St. Joseph would help me buy my first little home.

And St. Joseph came through for us!  He must have great pull with his Son!  :)

Andy met Maria shortly thereafter, and they are engaged to be married this May 2012! 

Shawn had a great year as a substitute teacher, and he even subbed for me several times! 

And I am thankful to have gotten the house I longed for.  On the day of settlement, I found a large statue of St. Joseph waiting for me at the door!  The seller had known I was Catholic but certainly didn't know I had prayed a novena to St. Joseph.  Isn't that incredible?  I know I told you about this on a subsequent blog, but I wanted to make sure I also explained how Andy and Shawn's dreams also came true!

Thank you, dear St. Joseph!  Here's the novena prayers we used!