Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Our Wedding Night and the Next Morning

I should have totally written this blog way back in July when we got married, but I've simply forgotten! 

But then, just today, I discovered a tiny piece of paper on which I had scratched notes to remind myself of some beautiful signal graces that Michael and I received the night of our wedding and the next morning.

By the time we were home and ready for bed on our wedding day, it was 11:30 PM.  I remember distinctively looking at the clock in the bathroom just before I ascended the stairs.

And the next morning, when we rose for Sunday mass, I remember stopping in the bathroom (around 10:30 AM) and discovering that the clock had STOPPED at 11:30!  Indeed, time had stood still for us!  No wonder they say that a marriage union is eternal.  True, the union of marriage is not "needed" in Heaven, but the eternal effects of a marriage are forever!

But soon we were in for another gift of a signal grace!

We crossed the street to attend the 11:00 mass at St. James (where we met up with both sets of our parents), and guess what one of the readings (or maybe it was the Gospel?) was about!  Harvesting!

Unfortunately, I did not jot down on my little piece of scratch paper what book of the Bible this reading came from, but the effects upon me were profound.  All I could do was sit there and hold back happy tears.  I was completely amazed that God would have such a clear message about harvesting for me on July 17, 2011.  Indeed, it spoke directly to me about how my 3-year Marian promise of waiting certainly yielded the fruits I was praying for!  If you recall from back then, God had presented me with the same verse from Scripture repeatedly about the need to wait patiently for the soil of my life to grow and produce a harvest.

Thank you, Jesus, for these beautiful signal graces we received so early on in our marriage together!