Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Letter to My Unborn Child :)

My Dear Child,

Your father and I are sooooo excited to meet you.  Every day, I am amazed by the gift of your life within me.  I have been praying for you for years and years and years...and now, finally, here you are within me!

My goodness, I have been eager to have you ever since I was a little girl and could imagine you.  I have always dreamed and hoped and prayed that maybe one day God would grant me the gift of being a mother by having YOU!!  And God has so generously granted your father and me that gift by creating your new life in mid-December 2011!

Your father is so proud of you already.  He frequently holds my belly because YOU are inside it!  Last night (March 14, 2012), with you being only 15 weeks old, your father and I had the absolute privilege of feeling you kick!  This was only the second time in my life where I had felt you kick.  Dad had placed his hand upon my belly in the hopes of feeling you move.  As we sat still and waited and hoped, sure enough, you kicked three distinct times!  We laughed joyfully!  What a fun little moment for our little family to share!

You have brought us so much joy and hope already, and you haven't even been born yet!  I can't wait to see your precious face and watch you smile for the first time.  I love you already, but seeing you in person will be such a delight!

As we await your entrance into this world, I shall pray for you to be filled with good health, exuberant joy, and abundant faith in God!

With Love Always,
Mom :)