Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Theology on Tap: "99 Ways to Authentically Attract Your Future Spouse By Growing in Virtue"

This past Thursday, I had the honor of speaking at the Harrisburg Theology on Tap!

A full year ago, the planning committee had asked if I would be willing to speak, and at first I was puzzled about what I could offer to the young adult crowd.

So I polled a handful of my friends, asking them what it is that young adults would want to hear about and what it is that I could even offer.

As people responded to me, I noticed recurring themes in their responses, and the topic I was to speak on soon became clear.

I was to speak from my heart and share the suffering that I knew best, which was the longing for a spouse.  I felt called to share my mistakes, explain what I learned from them, and glorify God with my joys.  Indeed, I would talk about how to properly trust God and wait on His perfect timing.  I would speak about how to grow in virtue and how to use those virtues to authentically attract the spouse God has intended for each one of us.

Incredibly, that night drew a record crowd (second only to the bishop), I was told.  There were 70 - 80 people in attendance, they estimated, in the large upper room of the pub that we were in.

I spoke for 45 minutes and concluded by giving everyone a 14-page handout to take home and read at their leisure.  In the packet, I had 121 things to share instead of the original 99 that I had anticipated.  :)

My dear friend Meg recorded my entire speech and will soon be uploading it to YouTube.  I'll be sure to include a link to it in a subsequent post.  :)

In the meantime, here's a few pictures from the night!  (If I can figure out how to make a link available for downloading the handout that I gave that night, I will!)

Me with the wonderful Meg!

If you missed this event, I'll be giving the presentation again in the evening on Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 at CYACC (Catholic Young Adults of Chester County) in West Chester.  Details are at

Here's some more photos from the night!

Steve and Tara!  I love the excitement she has on her face!

Maria and Meg!

One half of the room!  (The other half of the people were at tables behind me.)

What could Joseph be thinking?  :)