Tuesday, March 20, 2012

QT with Meg!

Meg is such an awesome friend.  I've never met anyone quite like her.  She is soooo thoughtful, remembers everyone else's important details, and--despite being in a doctoral program and living in North Carolina--manages to always be there for each of her friends, whenever they need her.

She drove up from North Carolina to attend the Theology on Tap at which I was speaking, and--on the weekend that followed--we got together at a bookstore to talk about life, love, and our wonderful God Who is always in control.  :)

Just before saying good-bye to one another, we put my camera on top of the car and snapped this picture in parking lot.  What a blessing Meg is to so many people.  I've never met anyone with such a vast amount of friends!!  But she deserves to be so popular, for it is all for the right reasons!!