Friday, March 02, 2012

Waiting on God's Holy Will

November 27, 2011

All of us wait on God's Holy Will, never entirely certain of when He will reveal things to us.  But the nice thing about being a married woman is that, once a month, God will definitely reveal some of His Divine Plan.  Thank you, Jesus!

The week of my expected period is always a week full of anticipation and full of grace.  I bounce back and forth between eager excitement and trying to steady my imagination.  But at times, I'm downright scared and feel so incapable that getting my period becomes a relief.  Not knowing and needing to wait each month teach incredible lessons of patience.

Perhaps I shouldn't be, but I'm hyper-attuned to my body, its functions, and the presence of any changes, no matter how slight.  Earlier this month, at the recommendation of a friend, I silently prayed over my whole body and especially my womb, offering my complete vessel to God and His Holy Will.

I give my body permission to surrender to and manifest His Holy Will, no matter what that may be.  I want only His Will because I've learned that my own desires are sometimes not what's best for me (or at least not at a particular time).

Whether God's will be one child, many children, or no children for us -- we accept it.  We accept it now, we accept it in the future, and we accept it forever.  We accept it because we know Our God only wants the best for us, both now and in Heaven.  His plans for us are perfect, and He gives us only the best.  (And why would I want to convince God to not give us the best?!)

No matter what the outcome--whether I get my period or whether I do not--this week, as in all weeks by the help of the Holy Spirit, my body will do God's will.

Thy Holy Will be done, Lord.
Thy Holy Will be done!