Monday, April 16, 2012

Baltimore with Paul and Kerry!

We love our friends Paul and Kerry.  We hung out with them recently by spending the day together in Baltimore's Inner Harbor.

It was gorgeous Summertime weather, and there were droves of people outside.  The air was fragranced by the scents of growing grass, fresh flowers, saltwater, and suntan lotion.  In the distance, we could smell meats being grilled and delivered to hungry mouths attached to happy people that sat socializing at outdoor tables, bedecked in sunglasses.

 We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, overlooking the harbor.  Then we shopped the stores, stopping occasionally to enjoy the street entertainers that were drawing crowds, my favorite being the one who juggled a bowling ball, flaming torch, and knife -- all the while standing atop glassware balanced upon a skateboard.  It was pretty impressive!

Check out the Civil War ship behind us in the photo below.

For supper, we dined at an upscale restaurant called Della Notte in Little Italy where we had reservations, realizing--after we entered--that our attire was totally inappropriate for the atmosphere.  But we were early at 4 o'clock, so there were no other guests to complain.  :)

So we stayed.  And our money was accepted.  And so was our AAA card, which got us an incredible 20% off.  :)

We sat in the most beautiful of all the rooms, the one with the tree growing out from its center.  :)

I feasted on a pair of quail, cooked in wine sauce and laying on a bed of soft brussel sprouts and carrots.  Yuuum!

Here's each of us, posing next to the sign we conveniently didn't see when we walked in!  Oops!

What a fantastic day we had.  Thank you, Lord, for the many wonderful couples with which you have blessed our lives!