Monday, April 16, 2012

Monitoring My Pregnancy Diet

I hate high fructose corn syrup.  (You should, too.)

And I also despise partially hydrogenated oils and stuff.

It's all no good for us, you know.

Prior to getting pregnant, I got on this health kick of buying only local, grass-fed organic meats and fresh fruits and veggies that were grown without pesticides.  We ate nothing that contained hormones, nothing that contained high fructose corn syrup, nothing with artificial sweeteners, and nothing with partially hydrogenated oils.

I bought from local farmer's markets, our local health food store, and the perimeter of our local grocery store (because this is where fresh things are sold).

It was awesome...and we felt good.

Then I got pregnant. 

But, as our emotions leaped joyfully up to the sky in thanksgiving, my energy level plummeted.  With the baby-making under way, my body had only enough energy to do my full-time teaching job, and that was it -- barely it.  There was certainly no energy left for me to go scouting out for the best food finds, let alone enough to put on my pajamas in the evening.

Furthermore, evening nausea was my companion as I experienced those first 15 weeks of pregnancy.  I was frequently ravenous, but simultaneously too nauseous and too tired to prepare any meals.  Poor Michael was on his own in the kitchen (but he did fare pretty well). 

Food would have to be bought conveniently, we decided.  And having a nauseous stomach meant that I needed to eat constantly and whatever I could get my little hands on.  In my physical weakness, those yucky ingredients I once avoided re-entered into my--and unfortunately, our baby's--diet.

Now at almost 20 weeks pregnant, I am thankful to feeling back to my normal self (as I have been for the last few weeks).  I have plenty of energy, no nausea, and still a ravenous appetite, reminiscent of a teenage boy's.  I'm eating everything in sight -- and then tons more!

With my irreverent desire to consume all things edible, my cupboards are stocked again with items that contain my Arch Enemy Ingredients.  I find myself in the comfy position of...complacency.  :-(

Praise God, I'm not a junk food eater.  At least, I don't think that I am.  I'm either eating healthfully (like fresh fruits or veggies) or things that are neutral (like a bowl of Golden Grahams cereal).  My weakness, however, is probably a total of 4 cookies a day.

With the pounds packing on (I've gained 15 so far), however, I I OK to proceed as usual? 

Or am I causing my baby great harm by occasionally having a Pop Tart that contains high fructose corn syrup or some instant mashed potatoes that contain partially hydrogenated oils?

Please weigh in with your honest opinion, dear readers!  And remember that you can email me privately at  Thanks!