Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Dreams for the Next 5 Years

My dream has always been to be a wife and mother. 

I praise God for the opportunities He is giving me to be such a person to my husband and child! 

I am eternally grateful.  And I mean that.  I will be grateful to God for these gifts throughout the rest of Eternity!

But it is always good to keep dreaming, right? 

And thus, I will share with you, dear reader, the goals I'd like to accomplish in the next 5 years.  Of course, nothing can be "accomplished" without God.  So everything depends upon His grace, as it should.

Aside from being the best wife and mother that I can be, I am dreaming to:

1. Learn how to play the piano.

2. Learn how to become a professional photographer.

3. Learn how to speak French.

Pray with me, dear reader, that I can rise to these exciting prospectives over the next 5 years!