Monday, April 23, 2012

The Significance of a Tiny Gold Necklace

Has anyone else noticed that, in romantic movies, the leading lady (who is typically cast as a sweet, innocent, beautiful woman) always wears around her neck a tiny gold necklace?

The chain is short, the pendant is tiny, and it's made of conservative yellow gold.  And it is ALWAYS there.

This is an observation I have made over the last few years, and it was confirmed again in the movie that Michael and I went to see last night (The Lucky One).

If, in the beginning of the movie, you are unsure of who will be the leading female actress, just look for the little gold necklace.  She'll be the only one wearing it.

The necklace will generally stay on her from the beginning to end of the film, perhaps to signify that, despite her character development, her original innocence and beauty is retained.  :)

But there are exceptions.  The necklace will be gone if the leading lady finds herself in a situation where her true identity has been compromised.  My theory again proved true in The Lucky One, for the only time the necklace was absent was during the garden party she attended with her ex-husband, faking to onlookers that they were still married.

But not to worry.  The necklace was right back on in the next scene (and she was back to her true self) the next day when she began to make better choices.  The transgression was merely a temporary setback.  :)