Wednesday, May 09, 2012

The Help of Heels :)

The high heel, they say, was created by a man. 

And, when I was younger, I thought that the whole invention was rather ridiculous, if you thought about it.

But then someone told me that the invention of the high heel actually gives women better posture.

And, as I wore mine, I realized that indeed this was true.  I stood straighter in heels.  And standing straighter gives a girl confidence!

Now as a pregnant woman, I thought for sure that high heels ought to be off-limits for me.  And, my 4-inch ones definitely are.  So I stopped wearing them altogether.  I began wearing only flats to work.

But, with the newly acquired lower back pain that I've been enduring for the last 2 weeks, I learned from friends that better, straighter posture is needed on my part.  (I guess my growing belly is causing me to inadvertently arch my back.)

So, during the last few days, I've been trying to walk around straighter and taller -- but to no avail.  So, this morning, I decided to get a little help.  I put on heels.

And you know what?  They help!!

They are low heels, but they make a major difference.  The more I stand and walk in these heels, the better my back feels.  Praise God!

Of course, I still need to be careful.  Did you hear about Ms. Kardashian's incident recently?

A very pregnant Kourtney was walking around in high heels, tripped, and almost fell to the ground -- if it hadn't been for the quick response of her body guards who caught her.

Of course, her heels are much taller than mine.  But now, having reaped the chiropractic benefits of wearing heels during pregnancy, I feel a little less prone to judge these celebrity girls who do the same thing.