Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrating Father's Day 2012

This Father's Day, Michael and I hosted the celebration party on our deck! 

This year there would be THREE fathers to honor:  mine, Michael's, and Michael himself!  :)

It was so nice to be able to gather with both sets of our parents.  I was so excited to give Michael his present, as it was just perfect for him!   First, let me give you the background story.  :)

Michael just LOVES nutcrackers for some reason, for he keeps this tall wooden Christmas nutcracker dude sitting out proudly atop our upright piano all year long.  It is funny that he loves it so much.

So, the other day while walking past Christmas Tree Hill in the mall, I happened to see in their window a wooden nutcracker of the same height that is painted to be wearing a Boston Red Sox uniform!  What could be a more appropriate gift for Michael!  He absolutely loved it.  I loved watching him open it and exclaim so sincerely, "Wow, this is AWESOME!!"

He was a great chef at the grill!