Saturday, June 16, 2012

Girls' Night Out with Kelly, Maria, and Baby Lily!

Last night was so relaxing and fun!

Kelly, her beautiful baby girl Lily, Maria, and I went out for dinner to catch up!

We watched the sun set as we ate supper on an outdoor table in the little lightbulb-lit courtyard at the Tomato Pie Cafe.

I gushed over Baby Lily who was just so irresistibly cute!  Her beauty, complexity, and also simplicity just astonished me -- and I smiled, remembering that soon the stork would be delivering a baby to me as well!

One thing I've observed about babies lately is their jerky limb movements.  Obviously, this is because their gross motor skills are still developing, but it makes me smile -- because I can feel already that the baby in my womb moves with the same, rather unpredictable jerkiness.  So cool!

Where's baby Lily, you might ask?  She's the one taking the photograph.  It's amazing what kids can do these days!