Saturday, June 30, 2012


What I didn't tell you in my last entry is that we ate dinner out back on Juliana and Greg's patio before we walked to the carnival.  And since I hadn't passed my one-hour glucose test for gestational diabetes and hadn't yet learned that I did thankfully pass my three-hour follow-up test, I was ultra-concerned about eating healthy.

The green beans that Juliana served with the tilapia were outstanding and sweet, and I gobbled them up like candy.  Perhaps I was just grateful to find something green that wasn't entirely repulsive.  Because veggies, as you know, can sometimes repulse.  It's not their fault.  They just have a tendency to do so.

So, when Juliana suggested that I carry some in a baggie to the carnival and keep eating, I was happy to oblige and take with me the leftovers.  I had every intention of eating them.

But it's hard to eat green beans when your husband is standing beside you, indulging in fried Oreos.  Plus, things got so exciting at the carnival (as you hopefully read about in my previous entry) that I just got distracted.  I forgot completely about the handful of green beans in the baggie.  Oops.

After the fireworks and good conversations and a delightful walk home in the balmy warmth, the baggie of green beans continued to be the farthest thing from my mind.

Even the next day, who would have thought of them? 

A week passed, and I hadn't thought of them.  I even changed my purse a few times and saw nothing of the baggie of green beans.  For all intensive purposes, they ceased to exist.

But then, yesterday evening, when Michael and I were about to test-drive an SUV, I reached into my wallet to give the salesman my license...and ENCOUNTERED THE GREEN BEANS!!  They slid out from a side pocket in my wallet that I didn't even know I had.

In disgust, I made some sort of verbal reaction that startled both Michael and the salesman.  I'm sure they wondered, "What on earth could she have found in her wallet?"

The fermented legumes stared back at me with equal disgust, obviously frustrated that I had neglected them for so long. 

If you look carefully in the photo above, you'll see the reaction of Michael's face reflected on the red car surface.  He's repulsed!

With embarrassment, I had to explain the ordeal to the salesman and then promise that we wouldn't leave the baggie in any of his cars!  Michael held the baggie of fermented grossness during all of our test-drives.  And each time we got out of an SUV and before choosing my next one to drive, I had to make sure that the green beans were still in his hand.  Gross!