Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Night at the Carnival

Ah, Summertime traditions.  I just love them.

Going to a carnival is a wonderful way to spend a Summertime night, right?  And so, we couldn't resist buying tickets when it came to town.  :)

First we met up with our dear friends, Juliana and Greg.

Then the guys started getting competitive.  The games just brought it out of them!  Greg was especially driven to win Juliana as many stuffed animals as possible.  He spent a fortune but was also very successful.  :)

By the end of the night, Juliana had even more than this!  Both of her arms were completely encumbered with Styrofoam-stuffed animals.

Michael tried his best to win me something, but I told him not to worry, since none of the stuffed animals really appealed to me anyway.

Then we met up with our friends Dan and Jenna.  And before long, Dan got competitive, too!

Greg tried just about every single game that there was.  :)

But eventually, Michael found the game that would allow him to shine.  :)

 And so he impressed us all with his golfing talent by getting a hole in one!

Getting free cash was the best winning of all!!!  :)

One of the unexpected and interesting aspects of the evening was that our baby must have chosen to move himself or herself quite low into my pelvis because I felt a LOT of pressure.  Nothing felt wrong about this, and it was a feeling that I've experienced before occasionally, but wow, was it intense that night!  I wonder if our baby was ever-so-slightly tempted to squeeze out of me early in order to have fun at the carnival!  Fortunately, my body was like, "Nope, not yet!  You're only 29 weeks old!"

Our night finished with a display of fireworks and a few last minute rides (which I did not participate in).   What a fun night!