Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Nursery is Furnished!

Praise God, our nursery is now fully furnished! 

Now it's time to start decorating it and filling it with necessary supplies.  Let the fun begin!

Here's the crib that Michael's parents bought us and which Michael built last night.  I can't wait to dress it with linens!

And yesterday a new piece of furniture came into our lives!  And it truly is heirloom quality!  Let me explain how this blessing came to be!

In the morning, my mother had scanned the classified section of the newspaper and found a tiny ad that read, "White dresser with 7 drawers for sale.  $100 or best offer.  Call XXX-3993."

She called, got measurements and a description, and the piece sounded just perfect as a changing table and dresser for the nursery. 

Mom gave the woman my phone number in the hopes that she could text me a photograph.

And she did.  And I fell instantly in love with it!

The couple delivered it yesterday afternoon, and they turned out to be an awesome Catholic couple who LOVED the big saint statues and relics that we have sitting atop our piano.  Thank you, Jesus!

So here's the vintage dresser that Mom found for us.  What a blessing!  I can't believe it's here and that it's real!  My mind could have never imagined anything so beautiful!

Also residing in our nursery is an old-fashioned but comfy white wooden rocking chair which my mother nursed me in!  I'm so excited to use it with our child.  The gentle clicking sounds it makes as it rocks are just so soothing!