Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Packing Up Room 102

Yes, school dismissed 15 days ago, but I'm the type of teacher who dashes out with the kids and runs off to indulge in the Summertime as quickly as possible.

In fact, I beat some of them out the door on the last day.  I raced home for a tall glass of lemonade to enjoy out on the deck in the sunshine.

So, yes,  I left the room just as it was and haven't looked back since.

I usually email the principal and the custodian, promising them of my eventual return.

Thankfully, they've come to expect this from me.  They always schedule my classroom to be one of the last to be cleaned and waxed.

So today, finally, I'm working in my classroom.  But the pack-up this year is much different than in years previous.  This time, everything feels different.  Rather than thinking about what new changes I can implement for next year, I'm thinking about what I should box up to bring home -- and how soon I can start teaching our son or daughter some basic math skills.  I'm thinking about the substitute that will teach for me during all of next year, and I've decided that I'm bringing home all my special pens and erasers, lest he or she smudge them up unnecessarily.  It's weird, but it's a welcome change, and I thank God for this new season of my life which is beginning!