Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Our Picnic Baskets Are Ready!

I am crazy about picnic baskets.

You can't look at one or hold one on your arm without feeling amazing.  Am I right?

That's 'cuz a good picnic basket ought to open up from either side.  And it ought to be lined with red gingham.  And it ought to have a sweet little handle that makes you think of the Sound of Music or something.  :)

The picnic basket pictured on the top is very special to Michael and me, as it is the basket we used when we had our first picnic together on Friday, July 23, 2010.

Macy was with us also, as we sat on a red-and-white checkered blanket under a big old tree in the pasture behind our house.  It couldn't have been more lovely!

Our first picnic was the beautiful setting in which we shared our individual journeys, our goals for the future, and our feelings for each other.  And it was the night that we decided to become an official couple...and he kissed me good-night for the first time!

We had only known each other for about a week, and yet I had this amazing feeling about him.  I had this amazing feeling that he was my husband!!  Perhaps that is why I so boldly packed a heart-shaped sandwich for him.  :)

With the Summertime upon us again, last night I dusted off our picnic baskets, invigorated them with clean, fresh linens, and will be loading them up shortly for their seasonal trips outside!

When was the last time that YOU went on a picnic?  Grab a basket, take someone you love, and go on one!

Light wood picnic basket - $25 from The Flower and Craft Warehouse.  
Dark wood picnic basket - Regularly $60 but on sale now for $40 from The Pottery Barn.