Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Shopping Stop at J. Crew :)

This past weekend, I went shopping with the Goddard ladies.   Mom, my sister-in-law Jennifer, my precious niece Addison, and I hit up one of our favorite destinations -- the J. Crew outlet.

Little Addie is such an easy-going girl who's very well-behaved and also easily entertained by shopping!  Here she is trying on a pair of ballet flats.  Look at those rosy cheeks! 

Her eyes and inquisitive eyebrows seem say, "Please, Mom, can I get these?" but her slight frown admits, "Unfortunately, this is the smallest size they have..."

While Addie was trying on shoes in the adult section, I, meanwhile, was shopping for myself in the children's section.  We don't make any sense, do we?!  

I was drawn into the children's section by this adorable children's dress in size 14 which my eyes instantly caught.  It had a drawstring empire waistline which I just KNEW would make a beautiful maternity top.  So I went into the dressing room and gave it a try.  And I just loved it!

It was on sale, plus I got to use my 15% off teacher discount.  So I wore it to school yesterday!  Here it is!  You would never know it was a child's dress, right?

Good thing I don't teach elementary school!  Otherwise, I might have seen one of my students wearing it!