Tuesday, June 05, 2012

New Updates to Our Little Home

Michael's parents are wonderful people -- and such hard workers!  As they have done for us previously, this past weekend they helped us make all kinds of improvements to our little home.

As soon as they arrived, they got down to work!  Mom Goddard unloaded lots of beautiful plants from the car and then started mowing the lawn.  Dad Goddard set up his carpenter's workbench in the yard and immediately began measuring, cutting, and staining wood for the new threshold that would go between our kitchen and living room.  Michael started weeding near our house, and I then joined him after I took measurements and photographs of our old kitchen faucet that would be replaced later that day after our trip to the Home Depot.

I am always amazed by the energetic output of productivity that Mom and Dad Goddard exude!  We laid down dozens and dozens of bags of mulch.  Mom bought me beautiful yellow begonias and also white __________ which we planted in the little garden nearest our side kitchen door.  She also filled my large ceramic pots with beautiful decorative grasses!  And she lined the other side of our garage with beautiful, long-lasting ferns.

Michael climbed up a ladder and cleaned out our gutters.  Then he tested them by squirting the hose into them.  We were able to figure out that they were not properly draining due to a small dent in the center, and this he fixed, and now all is well!

Here's a picture of the new, custom-built threshold Dad built for us!  Look how beautifully it matches the hardwood flooring in the living room!

And here is the beautiful new faucet that Dad installed for us!  This Moen was only $79.  What a savings from the $500 cost that the plumber wanted to charge us for installing a more boring model!  I love how this model looks vintage and more appropriately goes with our white cast iron sink.

Even the front of our house got an update!  Mom and Michael trimmed and shaped anew our 25-year-old, formerly gnarled bushes (which, if you recall, I named Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John when I moved in).  Then they (Mom and Michael, not the Apostles) put down lots of mulch, slanting the mulch piles downward and away from the house.

Thank you, Jesus, for the caring family members we have!!!  Our little house is feeling even more like a home!