Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Letter to My Body

My dear friend, I write to you as my myself for indeed you are what I am. 

I am both spirit and body; and so, this letter to my body is really just a dialog with myself.

I want you to know that I trust you.  I trust you to know what to do.  I know that you will regulate your functions and do what it is needed on the day that you and Baby determine is the right day for birth.  I believe in the miracle that is your very being.

I will be patient and understanding with you, and when the pain comes, I will not panic or think that you are in distress, but rather that you are working hard to bring about God’s will. 

I will remind myself that you were made for this.  I will remind myself that YOU are the expert.  Only you and God know the perfect pace at which we will walk on this time line together.

I will align my mind and emotions with you.  On this day, be assured that my mind and emotions will be steady.  They will adhere to you, support you, and give you, dear body, the room to truly lead.

Over the course of my lifetime, you have quietly demonstrated a humble expertise.  You have proven to me that you can function well without my supervision.  Even without my awareness, you are loyal – and always carry on and move me ahead.  You do well with the food I give you and rarely complain.  You make the most of whatever life hands us.  Your resiliency is a virtue for my mind to emulate.

Therefore, on this special day of delivery, I will be gentle in all my responses to you.  Any need that you shall have, just convey it.  I will change position, calm you through breathing, see that you are adequately nourished and hydrated, and be willing to assume whatever position seems most comfortable and necessary at the time for you.

You will have success, as you always do.  This baby will be born vaginally and without drug interventions.  I believe in you as if my life truly depends on it, for indeed it does.

Thank you for the work that you have done and are about to do for us, for this baby, for my husband, and for this family.  Your automatic functions give glory to God and His creation!